Information-packed book

This tell-all book shares Deborah’s unique philosophy on color, makeup secrets, and how to do-it-yourself.

It’s a handy 100-page DIY reference book of makeup application guidance for women over 50, designed so women can create the perfect makeup look to suit their face and coloring in five minutes a day. It goes beyond theory and delivers practical advice.

Order your advance copy now

‘the grace Factor’ will be available in print and e-book at Amazon and other online retailers this fall—stay-tuned for the exact date. Place your advance order here. It will also be available from bookstores and via Jane Iredale. (It can be yours for $19.95.)

Behind the scenes—celebrity makeup

Shared inside this useful volume is expertise built over more than 25 years behind the scenes as a makeup artist fluffing her brushes over celebrities and faces we recognize on TV and film (and the news!). Well-known names who spent time in Deborah’s makeup chair include Kelly McGillis, Helena Bonham, Lauren Holly, Margot Kidder, the Oscar-nominated Graham Greene, Leonard Cohen, and even Omar Sharif.

Adapting to changing times

Knowing what works with on-camera personalities led Deborah naturally to launch a business helping private clients adapt to changing times and needs.

The fact that cosmetic and makeup companies didn’t address the unique makeup needs of older women inspired her to found GRACE Makeup for Midlife and to write the book.

“I love giving women the knowledge and power to feel confident, fabulous, and secure with a look that matches their personality, ideal colors, and lifestyle. It’s a decade since I launched my Toronto-based business, and I wanted to celebrate it.”

“Since I love to share tips, information, and analyze my screen and personal client’s best colors—not only in makeup but in what to wear to look fabulous—it seemed a natural step to write the book.”