Welcome to Grace Makeup.

Face midlife with the confidence of people who face the public for a living

My name is Deborah Williams. grace Makeup for Midlife was founded in 2006, after many years working with television and movie actors. I trained in the wig and makeup program at the Canadian Opera Company, where I gained invaluable skills that have since expanded and developed to other areas of makeup artistry. My clients include the likes of Kelly McGillis, Helena Bonham, Margot Kidder, Leonard Cohen, Graham Greene, and Omar Sharif. I am a consultant at Corporate Class Inc., a firm providing training in Executive Presence. Most of all, I love bringing out the best in women with my talents. I work out of my home studio, with my trusty “studio cats” by my side, Tilly and Rupert, who are both Rex cats.

I continue to work in the television industry including CBC, Global & other stations.